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Surface functionalisation of cellulose matrices using cellulose embedded nano-particles


The projects main R&T objective is to create new, smart and bio-based surface nanostructured polymer composites showing exceptional surface functionality (mechanical, chemical, selective interaction properties). These new materials will be composed of nano-scaled polysaccharides layers with embedded nano-particles, coating different celluloses matrices. The compounding is restricted to the biopolymers surface and outer layers, providing the “filler” to the area where it is required and avoiding the deterioration of the matrix materials mechanical properties. The project will investigate these new effects - cellulose dissolution, structuration with nano-particles and irreversible coating – will develop their understanding and mastering and exploit their applicability. Several routes will be opened to prepare a completely new class of high-value biobased materials with tailored functions and properties applicable in many different fields: • Separation technologies: providing selective interaction properties tuneable by environmental properties • Technical fibres and foils: Specific surface modifications (strength, abrasion, thermal and chemical stability, hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity …) • Improved properties as flame resistance, conductivity, antimicrobial activity, barrier properties • Medical and hygienic devices: Formation of depots for humidity, drugs (controlled release), antimicrobial compounds. • Sensors, displays, electronic devices: performing structural changes under the influence of an external field. The project will have impact to Nanoscience by the development of knowledge and new strategies to handle nanoparticles and to design multifunctional nanostructured composite materials based on renewable resources. Nanotechnology by the development of technologies to design new materials based on the elaborated scientifice knowledge.

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Volker Ribitsch (Prof.)
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