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SIgnals and REgulatory Networks in early plant embryogenesis


The focus of SIREN’s network partners within this present project is to train young biologists in using integrated approaches to study and understand SIgnals and REgulatory Networks (SIREN) in early plant embryogenesis at their internationally acknowledged European research sites. The multidisciplinary, interface-oriented approach will give fundamental insight into the regulatory system of early plant embryogenesis and synthesize a plausible descriptive and predictive mathematical model. Early plant embryogenesis represents the first time in plant life that new cell fates are established, and is an excellent model for de novo establishment of meristems, plant stem cell niches. Plant early embryogenesis research has been notoriously difficult to address experimentally. SIREN’s network partners together represent the European critical mass in plant embryogenesis research and now join their knowledge and different technologies such as flow-sorting and microarray technology, sensitive proteomics technology, high-throughput mRNA ISH technology and SPIM microscopy within an exclusive technological platform. The recent identification of a number of key regulators of early embryogenesis provide a unique starting point for an integrated, multidisciplinary and intersectorial approach that will identify the regulatory networks that underlie early plant embryogenesis. Ultimately, these networks will be abstracted by mathematical modeling. Knowledge gained from studying this biological problem will be of high interest for agro-industry in optimizing plant biomass. Furthermore, the integrated approach can serve as a model for similar studies on other aspects of plant growth and development. Last but not least, SIREN’s trainees will get an excellent career perspective through the wide range of technical and methodical skills and knowledge learnt within SIREN.

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