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Process improvement through automation


The objective for this Process Improvement Experiment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS) by automating some of the processes within the QMS and to electronically enable the application of the QMS. The experiment is expected to yield shorter development time scales, reduced rework and better overall project control, leading to a better quality product for the Customer.
It is expected that the company will benefit as a result of the experiment by achieving significant process improvement and greatly improving the management of the Quality System. Specifically we expect to achieve the following benefits ;

- An increase in product quality and customer service
- 10% reduction in overall project cycle time
- An increase in productivity of approximately 6%
- Reduction in paper usage and storage space
- Better management control and easier identification of backlog/bottleneck


The Process Improvement experiment will focus on the "Electronic Enabling " of the Quality Management System and the "Automation" of selected processes, as outlined below.

A. Introduce an Electronic Document Management and Workflow System.
B. Introduce computerised Configuration Management & Version control
C. Introduce computerised Data Modelling.

AMT-SYBEX (Software) Ltd now employ's 20 people.


We hold statistics in connection with all aspects of our software development process. We can therefore create an accurate baseline from which to measure the impact of the experiment against a project completed through the existing system. Statistics and measurements will be taken throughout each phase of the project life cycle. Examples include:

- Time sheet analysis
- Statistics generated by workflow manager
- Test trouble report analysis
- Feedback from process users
- Actual versus planned progress reports
- Comparisons with original cost benefit analysis
- Feedback from Customers
- Ongoing Analysis of Defects reported
- Ongoing analysis of the teams Productivity

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