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Enhanced Wireless Communication Systems Employing COoperative DIVersity

Project description

The Network of the Future

The CODIV project is targeting the evolutions of cellular networks and WMAN's. and aims to research develop and validate radio technologies exploiting channels diversity and cooperation between users, targeting three major goals: enable the high bit rates targeted in the broadband component of future wireless system; improve the power and spectrum efficiencies of existing wireless systems; improve and extend coverage and fairness. The project will go significantly beyond the current SoA by considering cooperative and relaying functionalities at the user equipment level and bringing the concepts up to the prototyping phase.The activities are organized to cover the three phases needed for demonstration: concept definition, development of enabling technologies and proof of concept. The final outputs of the project will include a physical testbed consisting of several transceivers to show the feasibility of the technology and also a system level simulator to assess at a system level the benefits in terms of the technologies developed.

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Campus universitario de santiago universidade de aveiro
3810 193 Gloria e vera cruz

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João Ferreira da Silva (Eng)
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