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Latin American Health Care Network

Project description

Advanced ICT for Risk Assessment and Patient Safety

Access to medical care is sometimes very difficult to be reached from people living in rural and underserved areas. This problem is very well known in rural areas in Latin America. Citizens have no access to health care. They have to travel hundred of kilometers to receive a medical diagnosis.Within the project, we will develop a medical network that addresses the problems of providing health care from a distance. The medical network will be supported by expert physician located in urban cities of Latin America. The medical applications will be vary from gynecology, pediatric, cardiology to typical infectious diseases for the region such as malaria and tuberculosis.The examinations will involve ultrasound examination, ECG test and blood test and blood test imaging for automation diagnosis. All the patient information, extracted from the examinations will be stored a health care database, along with the demographic information and medication prescription.MedNET project will connect isolated region Amazon, in two different countries; Brazil, Peru Moreover MedNET will make use of AmerHis system (satellite communication) based on DVB-RCS.MedNET will make use of European standards for the communication and storage and medical data presentation.The project will empower medical doctors to constantly and remotely keep track of their patients with minimum effort, assisted by an intelligent automated infrastructure. Furthermore, remote doctors will be able to share and request assistance form expert doctors located in urban cities. At the same time family and friends of the patients will also have access to the same information, filtered and presented in a comprehensible manner, including latest comments from the doctors. A sophisticated Collaboration Model will manage the whole service and will be aware of each patient's medical record, providing an information channel between the medical staff, the patients and their carers (family, friends, etc.).

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