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Sorption of endocrine disrupting chemicals by colloids

Final Activity Report Summary - SEDCC (Sorption of endocrine disrupting chemicals by colloids)

New datasets for emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment have been achieved. First, a method for simultaneous measurement of antibiotics in water and sediment by LC-tandem MS has been developed. The methods have been used for determining the concentrations of the target antibiotics in water, soil and sediment samples collected from China. Secondly, a multi-stage cross-flow ultra-filtration for isolating aquatic colloids and subsequent colloid/pharmaceutical interactions has been developed.

Results show more significant colloidal binding of pharmaceuticals than EDCs. The methods developed have been used in the determination of EDCs and pharmaceutical distribution in surface water, groundwater and wastewater in the UK environment, and significant percentages of the target compounds were found (up to 80 % in total) that were in the colloidal phase, implying that such compounds were not easily bioavailable.

Some key results in two scientific journals have been published, and three more publications are currently being drafted. In addition, the researcher has attended training courses in the host university on both scientific and complimentary subjects. The researcher has actively participated in conferences by giving talks.