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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Interactions in concentrated colloidal dispersions by scattering and force measurement


"Forces between macromolecular structures at surfaces, mediated by solvent, are the essence of the physics of adhesion, steric stabilisation of colloids, tack in rubbers, biofouling, lubrication and many problems in particle aggregation and coalescence. An understanding of the origin of these forces is also important in many different branches of science and engineering, ranging from fluid flow on one hand to the properties of cell engineering on the other. It is in the area of colloid science, however, tha t most attention has been paid to the subject. For example, polymers adsorbed to particles can either enhance the stability of colloidal dispersions or promote aggregation. Consequently industrial colloids such as paints and pharmaceuticals frequently bear adsorbed macromolecules. The program involves the measurement of structure factors in concentrated particulate dispersions using neutron reflectometry, SANS and SAXS. The information in these data can be compared directly to structural models of the inte rfacial structure. There are very few examples of this approach in the extant literature. Scattering and force measurement experiments will be performed to measure structure factors of concentrated colloidal dispersions under a range of conditions, increas ing the knowledge of the fundamental interactions in concentrated polymer stabilised colloidal dispersions."

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