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Multichip module automotive digital core for electronics control unit


- To make available MCM technologies for automotive subsystems in order to solve the integration problem common to future electronics automotive systems with cost efficiency.

- To transfer the results of the programme into production on a short time-scale.

- To open Known Good Die availability in a flip chip configuration.

A low cost existing MCM technology, based on laminated substrate (MCM-L) has been developed for telecom and computer applications. The main content of the work will consist in adapting this technology to meet automotive harsh environment requirements. The packaging and assembly techniques will be exploited to the high volumes series.
Other topics addressed in this project include reliability, testability, modelling (thermomechanical and power dissipation) and implementation of a KGD technology for automotive cost and reliability requirements. Integration of passive components and MCM compatibility with insulated Metallic Substrate (Automotive Mother Board Substrate) are critical issues which are also addressed by AUDICO. The demonstration of this approach will be achieved by realising the digital core of an Electronic Control Unit including microprocessor, associated memory and the interface circuit.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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