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Implementation of a highly integrated system for documentation, configuration and code re-use in a heterogeneous software development environment


The need for high product quality and traceability in the development process is a growing demand in the very competitive telecommunication market as is the need for short time-to-market development. To meet these demands the development process must be improved in project management, quality and efficiency. Because of this the objective is to implement and evaluate 1) an on-line software documentation system performing satisfactorily in a heterogene software development environment, 2) an on-line configuration management tool to keep track of versions and releases, with key words being high integration, easy usage and low administration costs.


The experiment will be based on what is known as the second generation Home Communications Centre(HCC), which combines several home office functions such as handsfree telephone, answering machine, telefax, modem and much more into one stand alone unit. The HCC project will be used for quality measurements of all project objectives. Time to market, software error reduction in the development phase as well as on final releases, unambiguous version and release control and documentation will be the basic yardsticks for quality measurements.

Digianswer A/S employs 20 people, approx. 10 people will be involved in the experiment.


The expected results of the project are: improved control of project management, more effective design process, easier and more systematic training of new engineers and improved motivation for quality aspects during software development. This will make Digianswer A/S a more professional business partner and a more competitive product development company.

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