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Advanced meteorological pre-processing for application to real-time modelling of atmospheric dispersion in Decision-Support Systems


The main objective of the proposed research activity is the improvement of the quality and accuracy of the meteorological input data for the atmospheric dispersion models (ADMs) operated in the frame of decision support systems (DSSs) that are used for real-time handling emergency situations in cases of accidental or deliberate releases of hazardous pollutants (radioactive, toxic, flammable) in the atmosphere.

This objective will be realised through the combination of advanced diagnostic meteorological modelling approaches with three-dimensional data assimilation procedures (3DDA) that are based on variational principles in a meteorological pre-processor (MPP) acting as interface between the available meteorological data and the above-mentioned ADMs. Advanced numerical techniques will be used to achieve real-time applicability of the developed procedures.

The developed methodologies will enable the simultaneous use of data originating from external Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models and from meteorological stations in the area of interest, and the accurate calculation of local-scale features of the wind flow over highly complex terrain through an advanced operational diagnostic wind flow model. This will substantially improve the quality of the ADMs' output, as well as the credibility and confidence given to the final DSSs results.

The above target will be realised through the following specific activities:
1) development of advanced methodologies of meteorological pre-processing (diagnostic meteorological modelling with 3DDA) together with implementation of efficient numerical methods;
2) testing, and evaluation of developed methodologies directly through comparisons with meteorological data from field experiments and indirectly through the results of ADMs and production of final recommendations in view of their possible use in the DSSs

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