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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Quality-oriented software process management in small enterprises


Due to massive growth of our software development department we need to introduce new methodologies and tools to improve the maturity of our software development processes in order to effectively increase quality standards. By using the result of the experiment, we will try to increase the maturity-level of our software-development processes from CMM-level 1.5 to approx. 2.5.


The experiment is subdivided into three consecutive phases.
The first phase, process analysis, will be needed to identify and analyse the key - processes of our software development processes. The ARIS-methodology and the ARIS-Toolset will be used to do this. Secondly we will reengineer our main software development processes with respect to certain quality and efficiency-goals. In our experiment we will try to effectively deploy workflow-management and Configuration/documentation management tools. Due respect will not only be paid to technical issues but to organisational and people-issues as well. The level of skills of the software development staff will be raised significantly to achieve full commitment to our approach.
The last phase of the experiment will be used to introduce a continuous improvement cycle. The experiment will be executed on the basis of two baseline projects: The first is a relatively small development project in the oleo chemical industry. The second baseline-project will be the development of a network-management tool kit. This second project involves 6 people over the period of approx. 12 months.

To date, Prodacta employs 48 staff, 12 of them being busy in the software development department.


To successfully bridge the gap between the project procedures Prodacta practised before the experiment and the required industry-like production of software and services will be a key success factor for future development of our company. We expect significant enhancements in the fields of effective resource allocation, less administrative overhead, improved customer satisfaction due to improved quality and drastically shortened response time to customer requests.

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