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Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous Service Architecture and Platforms Engineering

Project description

Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering
SHAPE will provide an open source implementation of the UPMS service-modelling standard from OMG, with extensions for SHA.

The objective of SHAPE is to support the development and realization of enterprise systems based on a Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous Service Architecture (SHA). SHA extends service-oriented architecture (SOA) with semantics and heterogeneous infrastructures (Web services, agents, Semantic Web Services, P2P and grid) under a unified service-oriented approach.
To achieve this, SHAPE will develop a model-driven engineering (MDE) tool-supported methodology. SHAPE will take an active role in the standardisation of metamodels and languages for SHA. The technical results will be compliant with the proposed standards to ensure high industry acceptance.
In current SOA approaches, business requirements and technical details are intertwined constraining the evolution of service-oriented business solutions. SHAPE will provide appropriate metamodels and languages, methods and tools to separate the different viewpoints of SOA for the development of semantically-enabled, flexible and adaptive business services on a rich SHA infrastructure. SHAPE addresses the target outcomes of the objectives in ICT-2007.1.2.
The work in SHAPE will be organised in seven work packages: Industrial use cases, Model-driven methodology and architecture, Metamodels and languages, Modelling tools and services, Model transformations and deployment, Standardisation, dissemination and exploitation, and Project management.
The SHAPE consortium consists of six research and technology partners and two industrial users: SINTEF with expertise on MDE and software architectures, ESI with expertise on MDE, SAP with expertise on SOA technologies, SOFTEAM with expertise on MDE methods and tools, DERI with expertise on Semantic Web Services, DFKI with expertise on enterprise modelling and agent technologies, and Statoil and Saarstahl providing industrial requirements and case studies for validation of SHA.
SHAPE will run for 30 months, has a total budget of 5,7 M€ with a requested EC contribution of 3,9 M€.

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