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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Gas based EHS products for existing dwellings

Exploitable results

GAP has developed applications based on a new European Home Systems (EHS) technology (EHS_Lite). to integrate many home automation functions within the same user interface. The field tests supply a picture of the market and determine customer demand. The benefits already felt are the flexibility in heating configuration, energy savings, and an easily upgradable system for safety and security applications. At this stage of the project, the results are used by gas utilities to carry out the field tests in over 100 dwellings in 6 European countries. Most of the users are normal customers of gas utilities. From the customer point of view, the immediate benefits include a higher versatility of heating and comfort management linked to energy savings and increased home safety and security. Management of various applications is possible using the same unit control including a user interface. A multizone heating management system linked to an existing gas boiler becomes feasible and flexible, some features for remote control are also implemented using public switched telephone network (PSTN). Two totally different user interfaces have been developed. One is vocal, the other one is visual. A gas sensor compatible with the EHS protocol on power lines is now available to shut off the gas supply to avoid any leakage. A water sensor is available as well. A radio frequency emitter has been embedded in a distress call device as well as in an anti intrusion detector. The control units are able to work using power lines and radio frequency signals. The system remains open to allow automatic meter reading (AMR) for gas meters by radio. The availability of gas-based appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine coupled with the Boiler from the domestic hot water production is a real innovation.
A set of domestic products and services have been developed involving intelligent appliances which use gas. Once the dwelling has been equipped with a Gas Enabler (a sort of domestic infrastructure) which is specially designed for existing dwellings, new appliances related to comfort and security can be added. Furthermore, the Gas Enabler enables tele-access from the outside of the dwelling or control of equipment by the user, etc. Administrating emergency and technical intrusion alarms from the inside and outside is also possible. The products that have been developed are integrated into a complete system of electrical and gas domestics, systems for electrical energy and gas management, technical security, urgency alarms, anti intrusion devices. The system is a complete and modular power line media which is oriented to the existing residential market in Europe.

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