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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Strategic components technologies and systems in magnetic storage


- a 1.5 GB 3 and a half inch single plater removable cartridge magnetic disk drive compatible with the common PD standard promoted by Nomaï and Syquest together with a range of application-optimised 3and a half inch cartridges - plus a prototype double plater version using GMR heads
- an 800 MB 1.8" PC Card magnetic disk drive - plus a prototype 1.3 GB version using GMR heads
- an 800 Mbpsi planar inductive head - plus a prototype 1.2 Gbpsi version
- flexible circuits for the head/arm electronics for both disk drives
- a video editing demonstration system using the cartridge drive
- an electronic newspaper demonstration system using the PC Card drive

The SCOTSMAN project builds on the successful results obtained in EP 9257 MAGDRIVE, where a 540 MB hard disk with removable cartridge has been developed and put into production, and EP 6189 MIHFAD where advanced magnetic heads where achieved.

The goals of the project are to develop technologies for magnetic hard disk drives, to use them to realise two products for personal computers, and finally to integrate the new devices in system applications taking advantage of the new capabilities (listed below).

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