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Non-Commutative Geometry and String Theory


The aim of this proposal is to study the intimate connection between geometry and fundamental interactions which String\M theory proposes. This is a very fundamental fact, since the underlying 11 dimensional theories to all the string theories are effectively described as the theory of N coincident D0 branes. This way, fuzzy geometry appears as a fundamental concept in Nature, and only when a suitable large N limit is taken the usual smooth geometry is recovered.

The goal of this proposal is to carry on with the study of this so-called dielectric effect in different situations. So far it has been possible to give a microscopic description of giant gravitons in terms of dielectric gravitational waves. This theory has been successfully used to describe all the known giant graviton configurations. We intend to carry on with the study of other interesting aspects of this phenomenon, such as the purely gravitational dielectric effect, which seems to be related with time dependence in string theory.

More explicitly, w e plan to address the following problems:
-The dielectric effect in the Penrose limit of AdS spaces.
- The role of the isometries in this game and its possible relation with algebraic geometry.
- The gravitational dielectric effect.
-Super-symmetric interactions of coincident branes.

In order to achieve this, we propose an initial phase in a first class research centre in the U.S. followed to are turning phase to Europe, looking always after the best and the most suitable program for both the researcher and the proposal.

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