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Adaptive and Trusted Ambient Ecologies

Project description

Pervasive adaptation

ATRACO considers ambient ecologies consisting of people, context-aware artefacts and digital commodities (e.g. services and content). Members of the ecology are able to adapt to each other and form trusted ad hoc collaborations to achieve specific goals resulting from the need to serve specific human activities. The aim of this proposal is to research the factors and develop the technologies that will lead to the realisation of such ecologies (ATRACOs), following an interdisciplinary effort which involves Computer Science, HCI, AI, Control Theory and Sociology. Key factors of the ATRACO problem space that will be examined include adaptation, interoperability, context awareness, user interaction and dynamicity of trust. We will focus our efforts on seeking abstractions and mechanisms to mark the digital boundaries of ATRACOs for establishing trust relationships between its members, based on the concepts of digital territory and bubble, and to devise adaptation mechanisms based on supervisory control theory of discrete event systems and type-2 fuzzy logic. The project objectives are:
.To understand the structure, principles and dynamics of the ATRACO problem space and to develop a conceptual framework consisting of a set of concepts implemented as an ontology, a novel interaction metaphor, implemented as a language and a layered architecture implemented with a set of components.
. To research and implement the adaptation mechanisms and privacy policies, as part of the component platform. Adaptation will be provided in terms of artefact operation, ecology composition, network selection and man-machine interaction with respect to user context and behaviour.
. To validate the results of our research by developing an integrated application testbed. We will experiment with our proposed component platform both within a testbed (iDorm-2 of UEssex) as well as within a simulation environment.

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