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Specific dissemination network for business best practice


The overall objectives of SMEDIS is to achieve a widespread transfer of the TBP message to SMEs on a European scale. By focusing on and producing SME relevant topics, the awareness of the TBP programme and results will be improved leading to increased application for projects as well as implementation of results among SMEs. The SMEDIS network also aims at establishing a bi-directional information exchange between SMEs and the TBP programme to allow for user oriented adaptation of the programme itself.


Small medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as Europe's economic source are facing an increase of competition due to internationalization of markets. While only a few business best practice companies can withstand these new threats without change, the majority of SMEs must improve their internal organisational structure, incorporated information technologies as well as human resource management. In the framework of the Information Technologies programme, the domain Technologies for Business Processes (TBP) provides appropriate business best practices for introduction and implementation in SMEs. To realise the desired intensity in use of these solutions by SMEs, their very specific structure and culture including existing barriers must be taken into account in corresponding dissemination efforts.


The approach of SMEDIS is to integrate existing well proven dissemination networks as well as other national dissemination specialists and multiplier structures into an open European wide dissemination platform. SME specific messages are to be propagated via this platform resulting from extensive analysis and adaptation of generic best practice results to the SME specific needs. The platform will also be available for SME specific messages originating from other best practice networks as well as TBP results from other programmes.

Results and Exploitation

Main result of this project will be the initiation and stabilization of a cyclic process, constantly extending the number of European SMEs showing awareness of the TBP programme and implementing results of the TBP information channels to actively pull actual information out of the TBP Programme and also adequate distribution channels will be identified and established to push TBP information to European SMEs.

The results will be exploited by the entire consortium to future dissemination networks to be designed according to the best practices elaborated in this project.


Forschungsinstitut fuer Rationalisierung
Pontdriesch 14/46
52062 Aachen

Participants (5)

Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas E Computadores
Rua Jose Falcao 110
4000 Porto
Micronics Telesystems Limited
United Kingdom
Baker Street 8
W1M 1DA London
Northern Technologies
United Kingdom
Netherfield Road
BB9 9AR Nelson
Oy Credere Ltd
Otaniemi Science Park
02150 Espoo
Pdv Unternehmensberatung Gmbh
Dorotheenstr 64
22301 Hamburg