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Software version control, documentation and test management


Objective of PIE is to put into practice version control, document management and automated software testing tools to improve and develop software design and development process itself in our company and in our associated partner organisations. Improvement means more automated customer requirements and applications version control, integrated document libraries and more automated and systematic testing procedures.


During the project we plan to integrate in our process new tools for project and development environment to help our version control, testing and documentation.

1. At first stages, project and customer requirement documentation is handled with document management system, using computer-based information management system enables us to concentrate to actual work, not to paperwork itself.

2. Second, while the baseline project proceeds to programming stage, a version control system will be introduced to keep track of changes to program source and library files and to ensure that all users of the files access to the same master copy of each file. The version control will be integrated with documentation functions.

3. Third, automated testing tools will be used before the software is released in order to shorten the testing period The documented and partially automated test procedures guarantee that complete tests are run in every change situation.

The goal of our baseline project, the Portfolio Systems Development Project, is to design and develop a new high quality object-oriented financial trading, portfolio management and analysis systems for foreign exchange, money and equity markets to replace our present CUI/DOS- based and develop Windows-based software products.


Version Control
Have the off-the-shelf version control tool implemented, developers and support people trained and Portfolio -projects information handled in this system. Experience will be shared with other teams.
Enhance our development productivity by enabling to co-ordinate team programming efforts, track file and project histories, share code, and provide a single data source across multiple platforms and products.
Support documentation of different product versions along document management system.
Guarantee the right application configuration for each customer in every delivery and document it in our customer files

Document Management

Use integrated document libraries in hot line service, product definitions, customer requirements statements, in versioning of new releases and in user documentation. The libraries are used by support-, product development- and sales people so:

- to improve customer service
- to create competitive advantage by faster reactions and
- to reduce costs

Automated software testing tools

We expect to reduce manual work in repetitive tests so:

- to reduce possibility of human errors during test period and
- to speed up the program test-to-release period

TT Tieto Oy Banking and Financial Systems employs 138 people, 6 of them are involved in the Verdest project.

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