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Content archived on 2024-05-30

Combating social exclusion among young homeless populations: a comparative investigation of homeless paths and reinsertion programmes for young men and women of different ethnic and migrant statuses


This research project meets the EU guidelines for youth policy and the Lisbon strategy by focusing on socially excluded youth – homeless young people and those at risk of homelessness - and through promoting a dynamic understanding of their life-trajectories. It takes into account gender, ethnic minority and migrant status and its policy outcomes and programme recommendations will also apply to those with low education qualifications, and poor employment and social integration prospects. It involves the active participation of young people as co-researchers. Levels of youth homelessness vary between European countries in relation to the patterns of support available to young people and within countries in relation to gender, ethnic minority group and migrant status. However, even Mediterranean societies, with strong family support systems, have begun to experience youth homelessness amongst local as well as migrant populations. In Northern Europe interventionist programmes have been developed designed to: a) structure case work with hostel dwellers (the Netherlands 8-Steps Programme); b) prevent youth homelessness among those at risk through a cluster of local services (the UK Safe Moves programme). Working with NGOs, CSEYHP will: (1) Study the life trajectories of homeless youth populations in different national contexts, identifying risk, processes of social exclusion and points of reinsertion; (2) Introduce and investigate the use of the 8-Steps and Safe Moves programmes with NGOs working with homeless youth in NL, UK, P and CZ; (3) Investigate the roles of trusted adults, lead professionals, peer mentors and family members in delivering reinsertion strategies; and (4) Develop the concepts of risk, social exclusion and shelter exclusion both theoretically and practically. Expected impacts include change in the working practice of NGOs, empowerment for young people and national and EU recognition of the issue of youth homelessness.

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