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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Process for reuse of object-oriented software assets


Etnoteam (the contractor of this PIE) develops software and offers services and consultancy in IT areas such as Telecommunication, MIS, System Software, Software Engineering. As everyone else, Etnoteam is facing an extremely challenging market, which requires high quality products/services, competing prices, and timeliness.
With this experiment, Etnoteam wants to face this requirements through a substantial change of attitudes in its development processes, culture and organisation, exploiting Object Oriented Technology and Software Reuse.


Etnoteam believes that to fully exploit Object Oriented Technology with respect to the above mentioned goals the focus must be on reuse, both of components and of application frameworks. For such reason not only technical issues will be undertaken, but also organisational and managerial ones. The road map to achieve these results will be developed along the following tasks:

a) Tools deployment: evaluation and acquisition of the technology needed to achieve the planned results.
b) Process improvements: evaluation of current development approaches and their modification towards a reuse paradigm.
c) Measurement System: establishing of a measurement system for the quantitative characterisation of the reusability of software assets.
d) Reuse oriented policy: establishment of a company-wide reuse policy, rewarding development and project management attitudes towards reuse.
e) Training: attending of a set of courses held by top-level consultant in Object Oriented Technology.

Two baseline projects will be put in the framework of this experiment:
one is in the field of Telecommunications, and concerns an Operating Support System for the GSM network (OMC); the other one is an application which allows furnishers and purchasers to access (via Internet) a common data base of mechanical components, neutrally operated by the Milan's Chamber of Commerce.
Etnoteam employs about 250 people; about 20 of them are involved in the two projects affected by this PIE.


Etnoteam expects to improve its skills in designing and developing highly reusable software assets, thus affecting its capabilities to release software systems with tighter schedule, raising productivity, and increasing the overall quality of the released software.
As an additional goal, Etnoteam expects to gain a noticeable know-how in organising and managing software producing units focused around reuse issues; this same know-how shall constitute a most worthy asset to be sold through consultancy activities.

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