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International multi-stakeholder dialogue platform framing the responsible development of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (NS&T)


The FramingNano project will support the establishment of a multistakeholders dialogue on NS&T regulation and governance among the scientific, institutional, industrial communities, the broad public to articulate consensus and absence of consensus between the various stakeholders, sustain a European debate between them, and foster the development of a shared frame of knowledge, objectives, actions to define constructive and practicable regulatory solutions toward a responsible development of NS&T. This action will lead to a proposal of a Governance Plan designing a deliberative process for the responsible development of NS&T at European level and beyond, including recommendations for future research, policy actions, and co-operative research processes over the years 2009-2013. The activity of the project will be articulated in 28 months and geared around 4 key actions: 1. Analysis and review of existing-proposed regulatory processes, identification of stakeholders; 2. collection and analysis of stakeholders positions and needs; 3. Development of an appropriate proposal of a Governance Plan; communication and dissemination of information on the project and NS&T governance. Project website and Newsletter, a mid term international workshop, a final international conference, and national workshops will be organised. The project brings together 6 partners from 6 countries, covering all main European geographical areas (North, Eastern, Centre, South). Consortium partners have a long experience in NS&T, in S&T assessment, consultation processes, analysis of technological and societal issues, communication, and liaison already established with many relevant stakeholders. The project will support the European Commission, EU policy makers and stakeholders in designing a European model that assure that the development of NS&T takes place responsibly and to the benefit of the individuals and the society.

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