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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Experience/user network for utilisation of software and communication to improve the software industries customer service


The primary factors for software users in their selection of software are:

- the specification of the software and then
- almost equally important, the suppliers ability and dedication to giving high quality and effective service.

This project focuses on the need of SMEs acting as software suppliers to be able to give improved service at lower cost. The nature of the products and services from the software industry is such that it to a large extend can be delivered and serviced without moving people or physical goods if appropriate software and communication is used.


The users in the network will be small and medium sized software industry, mainly in Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Scotland . All the companies have customer service as an integrated part of their offerings consisting of software products and customer service.

The target audience for the report will be:

- The participants in the user network and their customers
- The members of the Swedish association of software industry and the members of the Norwegian association of software industry. These will be contacted directly and receive a copy of the report.
- The rest of the European software industry and the rest of the European software community will be addressed through co-operation with dissemination actions, presentation on conferences, i.e. Software Publishers Association conference, and by making the report available on World Wide Web.

Mechanisms for implementation.
The proposers comprehensive contacts within the software industry, will be used to identify software enterprises that have strong interest and/or experience in remote customer service to form the network.

The problem to be addressed will be divided into different tasks, each handled by a workgroup. The workgroups will have meetings twice pr. quarter and there will be held quarterly meetings with reporting from the workgroups to the whole user group. There will be established an editor committee from the beginning of the project with the responsibility to prepare the final report. From the beginning of the project there will be established a World Wide Web server on Internet where all documentation produced during the project will be stored and made available.


The most important commercial impacts and benefits for the participants will be Identification of improved and less costly ways of servicing customers by utilising appropriate software and communication. It is believed that it is possible to reduce cost by at least 50% and improve customer value of the service significantly at the same time.

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