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Content archived on 2024-06-10

European observatory on software best practices


- To provide the European User Community and Industry with a picture of what is being successfully experimented and consolidated in the international software market with regard to organisation and processes, methods and standards, and technologies and tools.
- To establish a chain of local dissemination workshops and seminars.
- To set up a number of collateral initiatives to support and assist with the execution of the regional and pan-European events, such as INTERNET-based electronic conferencing and WWW based information services.


Subject matter to be disseminated: SPA/SPI methods, Quality Systems and Standards, Software metrics, Technologies and practices enabling SPI, Technologies and practices underpinning the quality of software products, Object Orientation and other technologies/practices enabling reuse, Technologies and practices enabling remotely distributed software factories, New legal and contractual issues raised by continuous reshaping of the software industry landscape, how to take advantage of all software related "assets" - code, documentation, and so on - becoming increasingly available on international networks (INTERNET, etc.). A specific European Market Survey on software engineering and software best practices shall be conducted.

Target audience:
ICT vendor SMEs, end-user SMEs, large ICT vendors, large end-user organisations, Public Service Organisations, Government Agencies & other Public Administration. The audience is expected to be: experienced software developers, software managers, junior software developers, CIO, MIS, EDP managers - R&D managers and equivalent, general managers, CEOs and equivalent, software investors, market observers, consultants, press.

Dissemination mechanisms:
A specific European Market Survey on software engineering and software best practices.
Five regional events in Europe (Germany, France, UK, Spain, Sweden).
A pan-European conference on Software Engineering and SPI in Rome in March 1997.
A wide and sophisticated use of INTERNET.


EUROBEST shall be able to offer the European user community and the European software industry an unique opportunity to share the best in contemporary software engineering, attending world class events at an unusually low cost.

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