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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Spatial Conflicts: Urban, political and Cultural Implications of Violent Events.


"This project presents an interdisciplinary framework for studying the relationships between urban space, civil participation and conflicts. It specifically examines the formal attributes of public places, and their use for civil practices. It also examine s the relationships of these actions to the media focusing on concrete public spaces. The research questions whether general socio-political created processes (in EU and elsewhere) have led to static patterns of civil congregations that was an illusion of active democracy. The objectives of the research are: (1) Analysis of the relationships between conflicts and forms of civic participation, showing how power relations are constructed through spatial design and how architectural practice defines various fo rms of civil participation; (2) Investigation of the relationships between architecture and aesthetics during civil congregations, analyzing media¿s representation of civil congregations; (3) Understanding the sense of community in the context of modernity , analyzing the role of women in this community in conflictual situations; (4) Discussing whether these patterns of actions reduce or increase the democratic content of the social-political discourse, or whether they create the illusion of active democrac y; Discussing forms of contemporary democracies as represented in these actions. This interdisciplinary research (architectural, socio-political and cultural theory) investigates these questions by viewing the city as a sphere of conflict and an arena of n egotiation between groups and interests over territory, resources, and power. This project deals with these questions by using socio-spatial analysis of the public space¿s architecture, and its public rituals. The research is based on documents, participan t observations, interviews and discourse analysis. The integration of the material offers a critical discourse about citizenship and democracy."

Scientist in charge:
HATUKA, Tali (Dr.)

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