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Towards an innovative galvanic industry


Emulsion pertraction technology (EPT) is introduced for the galvanic industry in Europe. With innovative EPT 8000 of the metal platers in Europe enhance the lifetime of the passivating baths from 6 weeks to 2 years. In this way the galvanic industry can cope with the following problems: environmental -, economical issues, and drain of work to low wages countries. The proposed project has the following strategic objectives: 1.Extend the life time of passivating bath and new Cr (VI) free passivating bath liquids now being 6 to 12 weeks with at least a factor 10 (estimate up to 2 years), directly resulting in a decrease of operational costs. 2.Reduce the current waste quantities, produced from spend passivating baths, by 90%, directly resulting in a contribution to preservation of the environment. 3. Improve product quality of the passivating operation by reducing off spec products in terms of insufficient corrosion resistance by 90%, leading to a competitive advantage towards technological less advanced galvanizers in low wages countries. EPT, removes the tramp ions from the passivating bath, keeping the bath quality at a constant level, during 24 hour operation. It will be investigated up to pilot plant size. According to IPPC there is no solution for the problem of the discharge of the passivating baths.. Economical consequences run up to 880 million €/y for the replacement chemicals, 10,000,000 m2 off spec products. Average SME’s save up to € 60,000/y by implementing EPT (pay back time<1y). Total cost saving in 10 years for the EU metal platers are € 480 Million/y. The project is run by 3 AG’s, 7 SME’s and 5 RTD’s. The results from the project are owned by the AG’s. To stimulate the exploitation of the results the members of the participating AG’s get 10% discount on the purchase of an EPT unit.

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