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Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation


ADVISE is a prenormative project for experimental validation of simulations of dynamic events using full-field optical methods of deformation measurement. These powerful tools are used in evaluating the performance, reliability, and safety of primary structures and for validating their computational design. Optimised design of primary structures leads to lighter and more energy efficient products that cost less, are more reliable and safer. Whilst in engineering modelling the analysis of homogeneous materials subject to impact has become fairly routine, recent advances have been made in modelling the impact of two-dimensional composites. ADVISE brings together advances in optical techniques with the developments in modelling composites in order to establish high levels of confidence through rigorous validation. Such an approach would represent a step change in the subject. The innovative aspects and objectives of the project are: • development of reference materials that allow traceability and calibration of full-field optical methods of deformation measurement in cyclic, transient and non-linear dynamic events; • optimisation of methodologies for both optical measurement and computational modelling and simulation of non-linear, transient dynamic events; • contributions to standardisation activity for experimental validation of dynamic simulations. This represents the first attempt to provide a unified approach to experimental validation of engineering simulations of primary structures subject to dynamic processes, the development of reference materials for optical dynamic deformation measurement. The major contribution to standardisation through VAMAS TWA 26 ensures that the reference materials can become quickly accepted globally, thus providing worldwide traceability for validated designs leading to safer transport systems. Direct dissemination to the EU industrial base will be a priority to maximise the benefits of this research.

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Erwin Hack (Dr.)
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