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Law and cultural heritage in Europe


The project maps and critically examines the development of the definition and protection of 'European' cultural heritage in European and international law. It considers whether current legal regimes facilitate the European Union's objective of promoting cultural diversity.

It focuses on European legal frameworks established in three principal areas:
- within Europe, created at the supranational level by the EU and the Council of Europe and the national level by Member States;
- inside and outside the EU, formulated to protect the cultural heritage of non-state groups; and
- beyond Europe, to protect cultural heritage through external affairs.

By exploring how these elements interrelate, the project seeks to discern an 'European' approach to conceptualising and protecting cultural heritage in law. From a scientific viewpoint, there is increasing emphasis in Europe and globally on the effective legal protection of cultural heritage.

There is presently no specialist study complying, mapping and analysing European domestic and multilateral legal frameworks in this field. By filling this gap, the project promotes future individual and collaborative research and transfer of knowledge between Europe and Australia, and Asia Pacific; and formulation and implementation of internal and external EU policies.

From a societal perspective, the EU and Council of Europe recognise the importance of cultural heritage and diversity for European integration, intercultural dialogue, peace and stability, economic competitiveness, sustainable development, and external affairs policy. The project embraces the Call and Work Programme's promotion of interdisciplinary and intersectoral research.

The broad scientific and societal issues of this research area mandate an interdisciplinary methodology engaging related social scientific discourses. The distribution of competency on culture in the EU means it encompasses legal regulation at the national, European and international levels.

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