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Coordination Of Network Descriptors for Urban Intelligent Transportation Systems

Periodic Report Summary - CONDUITS (Coordination of network descriptors for urban intelligent transportation systems)

The CONDUITS aims to develop Key performance indicators (KPIs) that assist European municipalities in business decisions for Intelligent transport system (ITS) projects and to facilitate best practice exchanges between municipalities on experiences with ITS.

CONDUITS is characterised by a strong city involvement. In addition, the results are expected to benefit a wider range of ITS stakeholders, including the research community and the ITS industry by:

- showing the most promising areas for urban ITS where research efforts should be directed;
- achieving an internationally-recognised standard measure for quantifying benefits, enabling better and faster decision making by policy makers;
- stimulating more private high-tech investment by lowering the risk and uncertainty associated with ITS.

The overall CONDUITS objectives are to:

- Establish a coherent set of performance indicators to indicate ITS good practice. Hence safety, efficiency of individual modes, sustainable transport as well as environmental issues will be addressed.
- Understand European cities future ITS plans and to compare this to ITS worldwide. It will help European cities understand where they stand in comparison with other cities worldwide. It will further facilitate to build the case for investment in appropriate urban ITS systems.
- Clarify the market for specific ITS applications and understand the barriers to implementation. Establishing performance indicators will further identify possible markets for ITS applications. The project will further establish a basis to understand the interest of cities partners in innovative ITS research ideas.
- Facilitate technical exchange on ITS solutions applied in major European cities.

CONDUITS is coordinated ISIS ( Mr Andrea Ricci is the project coordinator ( with the active support of Mr. Maurizio Tomassini ( The project consortium consists of five cities - Barcelona, Brussels, Istanbul, Paris and Rome - three universities - Imperial College of London, Technical University of Munich and Technion, and the networking organisation POLIS. In addition, to the project partners, a group of additional cities will be invited to join workshops and comment on the main results.

Collaboration with existing projects will be ensured through a review of previous work in ITS area. To this aim four projects will be of particular relevance in respect of CONDUITS: SIMBA, ERTRACS 2, 2DECIDE and the international network.


The main outcomes consist in a review of ITS in European cities today, that will collect relevant information provided by partners representing cities of various size and with diverse interests concerning future ITS investments. Secondly, a picture of ITS development in European cities tomorrow will be given to understand the role and possibilities for ITS deployment in European cities in the future. Since the evaluation of ITS projects should be based on performance indexes, a set of KPIs will be developed. Additionally, the feasibility of a 'city club' on ITS will be investigated during the first year of the project.

The dissemination of the results is carried out through printed project reports and publications on the CONDUITS website (

Work performed during the first year and results achieved

During the first reporting period CONDUITS had successfully:
1. launched the project website (;
2. formed a network of 34 cities ('city pool') throughout Europe and five rest of the world;
3. analysed the city context and set out the background for a review of ITS in cities in Europe and worldwide;
4. led off the definition of scenarios on future needs and ITS applications.