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Improving competitiveness of SMES through business engineering


The main objective of the project is to develop a methodology of work which can be used (and reused) by industrial policy makers to match SMEs' needs and IT solutions, in order to facilitate the organisation of Technology Transfer (TT) actions. The project aims to design, test apply and refine the COMPETE approach in the Esprit/TBP domain; it is targeted to a sample of SMEs in three European countries, and to the organisation of a number of effective and demonstrative TT pilot projects.

The research work aims at identifying relevant indicators, allowing to select the SMEs as potentially recipients of IT applications, and a systematic analysis of IT solutions in order to create a portfolio of technologies and applications to be proposed.

The approach is developed by merging the economic and technology expertise of partners operating in the economic and industrial systems analysis, and consultants specialists in IT-TBP.

In order to be re-usable, the approach is defined in a way to be applicable independently from the specific geographic or technological areas in which it is tested in this project. While the typology of the core partnership is constant, the consultants vary according to the opted domain.

The COMPETE results will be a guidebook to the preparation of TT actions in local areas, in a perspective going over the single business unit's horizon as well as the isolated IT result, and it will be supported by the outcome of the in-field experimentation.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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Association Pour la Promotion de la Recherche En Economie Industrielle
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Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology
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