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User Driven Stimulation of Radical New Technological Steps in Surface Transport


U-STIR defines the know-how and technologies addressing Europe’s surface transport problems beyond 2050. A lead user centred approach will stimulate the development and capture of radical new technological concepts. Local connecting offices will analyse deficits and establish activities reaching out for fundamentally new solutions for the mobility and transport demands, improving environmental, economical and social quality in one step. WP1 co-ordinates the work progress, supporting the partners, advising on contingency plans and also fulfilling administrative project tasks. In WP2 the working methodology will be refined. This involves Innovation Incubators, which will exploit ideas collected and employ Delphi panels, analysing the technological drivers for 2050 and beyond. WP3 is the workhorse of the project fostering the creative thinking. Creativity tools and ideas from partners will start the creative process implemented as workshops. The ‘Innovation Pump’ will do the same for the Internet, offering ideas and tools to improve creativity. Diligent research and incubation process will help defining the technological gaps. Incentives and methodological help stems from WP2. Participating universities will allow access to their research facilities for the incubation. WP4 will create an innovation friendly climate, motivating researchers, industry and users to participate in the innovation process and giving stakeholders ideas at hand to support this process of innovative excellence. A Delphi process will define the technological roadmap. WP5 Evaluation/Monitoring will be assessing the work in parallel to WP3 and WP4 intervening in case the performance or quality does not meet the defined threshold. WP6 - dissemination will be implemented as a service to the whole project, producing the dissemination products, developing on-line tools, and will reaching the target groups using a full fledged repertoire of dissemination products.

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