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Advanced training and acquisition of knowledge with AMS-02


Florian Hauler is applying for an outgoing Marie Curie fellowship with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (contact person Nobel prize laureate Prof. S.C.C. Ting) and the University of Karlsruhe (contact person Prof. W. de Boer). Both institute s are interested in the search for the nature of dark matter. Dark matter is dominating the gravitational forces of the universe, but its nature is completely unknown. Investigating the nature of dark matter is the prime motive of a state-of-the-art detect or in space, the AMS-02 detector, approved by the NASA to be installed on the international space station in 2008. This detector will measure and identify all galactic charged particles and gamma-rays up to very high energies. MIT is the coordinating institute of this detector. In this OIF proposal the applicant would like to spend 24 months at MIT between 2005 and 2007 in order to get acquainted with space technology and all aspects of the detector, especially during the integration and testing phase. T he acquired knowledge will allow the home institute to become an expert on this detector, thus being able to analyze the data in detail and hopefully contribute to the discovery of the nature of Dark Matter. Furthermore the know-how obtained during this O IF could be useful for future space-born or ground-based experiments in the European Community.

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