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Science in Europe 2020


"The successive Eurobarometer studies have confirmed that Television was the main source of scientific information for the European Public. The 2007 Work Programme specifically included measures to support the ""promotion of science by audiovisual means via European coproductions and the circulation of science programmes"". The project 'Science in Europe 2020' aims to enhance the knowledge and the awareness of scientific research in Europe in some key fields by improving the presence of science on European screens and to contribute to a better understanding between scientists and science communicators and the public. As the leading world-wide broadcasting organisation, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will put at the disposal of this project its unique position on the audiovisual market. It will manage the project from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. To achieve increased presence of scientific content on TV screens in Europe, the project will focus on helping independent European TV producers producing content in the field of science. One of the main objective of the project is the investment of EU funding in TV productions in that field. To that end, a certain number of productions have been identified. The EBU will bring its support to these productions by reinvesting a part of the awarded EU Grant in those TV Programmes. And, in cooperating with those producers the EBU will bring these productions to the attention of the public at large. To ensure a transparent information of the public, the TV productions will be handled independently by European producers under their sole editorial and financial control. The independent producers will be regarded as third parties in charge of a part of the project. In addition, the EBU manages on a regular basis a certain number of groups of professional in charge of a specific genre of programmes within their TV stations. One of these groups is the Eurovision Science & Education Executives, and the EBU will aim to encourage broadcasters to get to know each other better, in order to enhance the ways they work together in the fields of science and education TV programmes."

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L'ancienne Route 17A
1218 Grand Saconnex (Geneve)
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EU contribution
€ 1 000 000
Administrative Contact
Laura Longobardi (Ms.)