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Free European Life-science information and Computational Services


FELICS is a project to organise and make available a complete range of biomolecular information to life-science research throughout Europe. It combines the work of the EBI and SIB to make create and provide the public domain databases on which we all biological research depends. The University of Cologne is included as an important partner in order to put the enzyme information in the BRENDA database into the public domain as part of the interlinked collection of information (currently licensing restrictions prevent this).

The fourth partner, the European Patent Office, is included in order to ensure that the biomolecular information from patents is also included, and that people search the databases for patenting reasons are well supported. The five-year project proposed a detailed collection of joint research activities, which develop and enhance the content of the databases and the connections between them. Almost all of these joint research activities will be carried out in the first three years, although the work at the University of Cologne, which will completely redefine the BRENDA business model, lasts for the entire 5 years of the project. Combined with these joint research activities, support is sought for networking activities (to carry on for the entire five years) necessary to manage the project and ensure that the relevant information resources are seamlessly connected.

Aside from this internal connectivity, connections to the wider community will be made through two Commission-funded Networks of Excellence: BioSapiens and EMBRACE. The partners in the project, particularly the EBI and SIB, will, for the five years of the project, continue to provide a wide range of electronic trans-national access to all the information, though only modest support for these activities is sought in this proposal.

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