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Dynamics and Control of Breath Figures

Periodic Report Summary - DAC OF BREF (Dynamics and control of breath figures)

The project entitled 'Dynamics and control of breath figures' had four main objectives. Out of these four objectives we completed two, one was in progress by the time of this report and another was to be achieved via further collaboration in the near future.

More specifically, the project achievements were the following:
1. study the dynamics of breath figures on substrate having a contact angle ranging from 0 degrees to higher than 150 degrees both experimentally and through computer simulation. This work was published in Applied Surface Science vol. 256, p. 4930 in 2010.
2. study the growth dynamics of breath figures on substrate having heterogeneous patterns of small hydrophilic areas surrounded by large hydrophobic areas. The same study was also planned to be performed using Monte Carlo simulation. The first half of this work was presented as an oral presentation in the American Physical Society's March Meeting, which was held at Portland, United States of America, from 15 to 19 March 2010, while the remaining part of the work was presented as a poster presentation at '146 Faraday discussions', an international conference held between 12 and 14 April 2010 at Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. All results would also be disseminated soon through an international referred journal.

Additional work included:
3. condensation induced jumping drops, which was part of the necessary additional project work and was published in Physical Review E. vol. 80, p. 031604 in 2009.
4. jumping kinetics of water drops on cyclohexane below the melting point. By the time of this periodic report the relevant results were to be submitted to a reputed journal.