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Introspective journey and change: is adult development possible?


For all of the time, effort, and money invested in attempts to help individuals develop through education, training and coaching, there are few studies that really assess the real impact of the change process. Reasons for this paucity are lack of convenience and practicality of longitudinal designs to study demonstrable results at the individual level. Additionally, the intricacies of adult development may cast a shadow over the understanding of the individual change process, for example, the “honeymoon effect” of the typical training programs might start with improvement immediately following the program, but within months it drops precipitously (Campbell et al., 1970) or the “sleeper effect”, that states that reactions to events do not appear until six to twelve months following completion of the change effort (McClelland, 1970). The INSEAD Global Leadership Centre (IGLC) is engaged in an endeavor to promote adult development in its executive programs. Properly designed 360-degree feedback questionnaires developed by the IGLC constitute the trigger of an introspective journey, and set into motion changes in behavior (Kets de Vries, Vrignaud, Florent-Treacy & Korotov, 2007). To study the relationship between the questionnaires will provide a comprehensive structure of the instruments while helping to design development plans that are coherent with the individuals and their desired change process. These instruments are the basis for studying the leadership development in management education. This research has the objective of assessing in what ways and to what extend transformational programmes enhance individual development. It is an in-depth, longitudinal study of IGLC interventions designed to foster capabilities in individuals and groups (e.g. training and coaching efforts that target self-awareness and other abilities). This research may include in-depth qualitative inquiry as well as quantitative assessment of effectiveness.

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