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To summarize, during these two years as a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow in the University of Manchester I have successfully finished the task as proposed, opening a new era of 3d-4f cooler in molecular magnetism. The creativity of this work lies in the exploit of different functions of metal centres to reach a magnetic combination, that is, the stronger interaction of the 3d transition metal and the larger spin state of the 4f lanthanide. This combination has been confirmed in this project to be a great success. Therefore, my research result in Manchester is fruitful. So far I have published four high-impact papers in Chemical Science, Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Communications and Dalton Transactions; and there are more papers are coming, one has been accepted by the Journal of American Chemical Society, one is in the process of reviewing by Angewandte Chemie and one invited review is in preparation.

Other than the success in science, technically I have been trained on the operation of SQUID and EPR spectroscopy. Moreover, I have also acquired many essential skills in teaching such as I have successfully passed the 40 hours training course of ‘Teaching for Researcher’, supervised one PhD, one master and one undergraduate students, assisted supervising a workshop of a EPR course and a tutorial course of undergraduate Chemical Physics. These experiences greatly helped me to earn a faculty position before I returned to China. Now I am a principal investigator in the Frontier Institute of Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, in Xi’an, China. Supported by this fellowship I am fully confident to be an independent academia, leading a research group in an internationally competitive environment.