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Phenomenology of strings: generalized structures, non-perturbative physics and supersymmetry breaking


This project is concerned with the characterization of the physics associated with the moduli stabilization and supersymmetry breaking at a TeV scale in String Theory compactifications. Although a lot of progress has been made, a complete picture of the low energy physics of String Theory is still far from being achieved. We plan to improve our understanding of several unexplored aspects which may help to establish a possible link with the experiments. Concretely, we propose to research the phenomenological properties of the recently discovered generalized structures. These turn out to be the natural objects for compactifying the theory to four dimensions, generalizing the Calabi-Yau case, and constituting a perfect framework for flux compactifications. We want to engineer the non-supersymmetric deformations and to identify the patterns of soft supersymmetry breaking arising at low energies. This also involves a better understanding of the non-perturbative physics induced by stringy instantons, and how these could affect the perturbative physics. The deepening into these issues is clearly related to some of the most pressing problems in String Theory.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Marios Petropoulos (Dr.)
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