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Next Generation Wireless Broadband Access Systems and Advanced Coding Techniques


The scientific and technological objectives of this SME-driven industry-academia multi-disciplinary proposal for Intra-European Fellowship (termed Wi-CODING) are to provide the means for transfer of knowledge from the Host organisation to the Fellow with the aim of “strengthening a leading independent position in education or enterprise” in the future endeavors of the Fellow. The project aims to implement this plan within the context of R&D efforts aimed at making significant advances in key technology areas relating to the next generation broadband wireless access (BWA) systems and linked to the specific end-user requirements as specified in the emerging IEEE 802.16m (WiMAX) standard. Wi-CODING plan is consistent with the professional expertise and future plans of the Fellow. From Fellow’s point of view, it is expected that practical knowledge gained during the Project will provide him with ammunition for taking leading roles in projects of similar nature and complexity after returning to the home country. This will create a unique opportunity for professional career development and widening Fellow’s activities into the area of practical implementation of BWA systems. From the Host Organisation’s point of view, a near-term impact of Wi-CODING will be the incorporation of the project research results into BWA products currently being developed by the Company. In a broader context, the solutions will help to cement Company’s leading role as a provider of BWA solutions, enhance IPR portfolio and create a foundation for future growth and expansion. As the implementation plan for the project is based upon the next generation of the WiMAX system, Wi-CODING envisages close interaction with IEEE802.16m standardisation activities, aiming to influence the emerging standard. The two sides of this proposal have complementary skills and interests and the project has been designed to foster a synergistic research collaboration that will continue beyond the project termination.

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