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Characterization of Applied Magnetic Materials for Industrial Scale Products


The fundamental technology change towards using ferromagnetic structures with perpendicular anisotropy as storage media that worldwide hard disk drive industry has recently started, is generating a tremendous interest in the development of novel materials as well as characterization methodologies for perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) applications. For the European research area and the European nanotechnologies industry it is imperative to gain worldwide leadership. A key factor in this direction is the professional training and career development of researchers with an enhanced competence and skill diversification encompassing fundamental physics and applied technology aspects. The main goal of the here proposed project is the professional training and career development of Dr. Vavassori, who will be provided with the knowledge and tools to tackle the scientific and technological challenges related to PMR media design and characterization. The project aims at achieving this goal by complementing the world-class expertise of the applicant in fundamental nano-magnetism and advanced magneto-optical tooling by supplementing it with additional knowledge of both applied physics quests and materials characterization methodologies related to PMR applications. The research training will be carried out using the world-class research facilities of the recently established nanoGUNE research centre and the long-standing experience of Dr. Berger, its lead scientific contributor, in the field of standard and innovative materials characterization for hard disk drives application. The inter-disciplinary expertise acquired during the research training will put him into an excellent position to build an entirely new research program and to effectively interface with leading industry researchers and developers in the future. This should strengthen not just his own research portfolio, but also the European excellence and competitiveness in the field of applied nano-magnetism.

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