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Effect of Inhomogeneous Parallel Flow on Plasma Waves and Instabilities

Final Report Summary - SPACE PLASMA FLOW (Effect of Inhomogeneous Parallel Flow on Plasma Waves and Instabilities)

Project context and objectives

The major objective of the research project was to study the effect of non-homogeneous flow on various plasma instabilities and to see if the conventional picture of the space plasma fluctuations could be explained by the hypothesis of shear flow induced instabilities. The results we had obtained are very close to what we had anticipated, the curvature in the flow, if considered, can actually stabilise plasma instabilities which is contrary to the usual picture. This indicates that the origin of the space fluctuation needs to revisited as suggested in the present study.

This result has also major impacts on fusion plasma physics. The pioneering work is recognised internationally as the fellow was recently elected as the prestigious Fellow of the American Physical Society for his work carried out under this fellowship (quoting from his fellowship citation) "for his formulating novel theory in plasma and flow dynamics. These have opened up a new avenue for the ultimate breakthrough in the world's fusion energy research and can completely change the conventional wisdom in space science ----".

Other activities carried out during the period of this fellowship is as follows

(1) Professional activities of the fellow:

- Coordinator, International Consortium in Energy and Plasma Science with three universities from the US and one each from Canada, Italy, Japan and UK, (2010);
- Executive Editor, Radiation Effects and Defects: Incorporating Plasma Science and Technology, (Taylor and Francis Publications, UK) (2010 - cont);
- Guest Editor (with G. Khazanov, National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Goddard Space Flight Centre (NASA-GSFC) and F. Honary, Lancaster University) Special Issue on Plasma Science and Technology, (Taylor and Francis Publications, UK) (2009);
- Member, International Editorial Board, Journal of Plasma Devices and Operations (Taylor and Francis Publications, UK) (2004 - 2010);
- Joint Director (with NASA-GSFC, Japan and Korean colleagues), American Geophysical Union Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan (2010);
- Joint Director (with Italian and Swedish colleagues), International Workshop on Plasma Rotation, Milan, Italy (2011);
- International Panel Referee of American Institute of Physics (Physical Review Letters, Physical Reviews, Phys of Plasma) (2002-continuing);
- International Panel Referee of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) (Advances in Space Research, Elsevier) (2008-continuing);
- Member, Advisory Committee, IFP, CNRS, Milan, Italy (2006-continuing);
- Member, International Scientific Advisory Committee, University of Ufa, Russia (2006-continuing);
- Consultant, Energy Research Center, Hampton University, VA, USA (2008-continuing)

(2) Awards and honours of the fellow:

- Fellow, American Physical Society (2010);
- Associate, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy (2005-2012)

(3) Invitation to the fellow for invited Talks/chairs at international conferences

- School and workshop on space plasma physics, Sozopol, Bulgaria (2008) (Invited talk);
- International Conference and School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Alushta, Ukraine (2008) (Invited talk);
- 2008 NASA Huntsville Workshop on Space Plasma Physics, NASA Huntsville, USA (2008) (Invited talk);
- American Nuclear Society 18th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE), San Francisco, USA (2008) (Chair);
- 6th International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, Kos, Greece (2008) (Chair);
- 5th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Seoul, Korea (2008) (Chair);
- 61st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Dallas, USA (2008) (Chair);
- 2nd EFDA Transport Task Group Meeting, Culham, Oxford, UK (2009) (Invited talk);
- American Physical Society Meeting on Fluid Dynamics, Minneapolis, USA (Nov. 2009) (Chair);
- American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco, USA (2009) (Chair);
- Conference on Nonlinear Process in Astrophysical Plasmas: Particle Acceleration, Magnetic Field Amplification, and Radiation Signature, Santa Barbara, USA (2009) (Chair)- International Reference Ionospheric (IRI2009) Workshop, Kagoshima, Japan (2009) (Invited talk);
- American Geophysical Union Taiwan Meeting, Taipei (2010) (Chair);
- 5th Alfven Conference on Plasma Interaction with Non-Magnetised Planets/Moons, Sappro, Japan (2010) (Invited talk);
- 63rd Annual Meeting of APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Long Beach, USA (2010) (Chair)

(4) Formal invited Seminars by the Fellow:

- Queen Mary London, London, 2009;
- NASA-GSFC, Greenbelt, USA, 2009;
- Delaware State University, Dover, USA , 2009;
- Hampton University, Hampton, VA, USA, 2009;
- NASA-GSFC, Greenbelt, USA, 2010;
- Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, USA, 2010 (Dean's invitation lecturer series);
- Hampton University, Hampton, VA, USA, 2010 (Dean's special invitation lecture);
- Imperial College, London, 2010 (special invited talk series in plasma physics);
- University of Edinburgh, 2010;
- JET Joint Undertaking, Culham, 2010 (special invited talk)

(5) International and National Collaborations of the Fellow (In alphabetic order):
- Canada (Saskatchewan University);
- Italy (IFP, CNR Milan);
- Japan (Kyoto University, Kyoto);
- Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares);
- United Kingdom (Culham Laboratory (Oxford); JET Joint Undertaking, Oxford; Imperial College, London);
- USA (Hampton University (Hampton, VA); Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, LA); NASA GSFC (Greenbelt, MD); Princeton University (Princeton, NJ).