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Nanostructured Mesoporous Coatings of Implant Materials for Improved Bone Formation


The MESO-IMPLANT project was inspired by the most recent achievements in nanotechnology and regenerative medicine and has two major objectives. The first one is based on the original idea of using the thin films of ordered mesoporous materials as coatings for bone implants. Such coatings have extremely high specific surface areas and pore volumes and are aimed to significantly improve the speed of bone formation on their surface. This would allow to lower the implant fixation time and to lower the probability of implant failure. The applicant will synthesize ordered mesoporous thin films of various metal oxides (eg. titania, alumina) and test how they can improve bone formation. The latter will be performed by direct contact of such layers with bone forming cells (osteoblasts) and observation of their bone forming activity (eg. under optical microscope). Additionally, the mesopore system will be functionalized with bioactive molecules which can mediate osteoblast adhesion process as well as to control the differentiation of the adult stem cells. Successful results of this project may open new research areas both in academia and in industry. The second aim of this project is to give the high-end interdisciplinary training-through-research in nanobiotechnology and nanomedice to the applicant. His background is chemistry and nanomaterials and through this project he will have an unrivalled opportunity to develop his skills in bionanotechnology with help of the leading scientists in the filed. Moreover, he will have a chance to work in the highly multidisciplinary environment at one of the top universities in the world.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Shaun Power (Mr.)
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