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Bright Solitons and Dynamics in Bose-Fermi Mixtures

Final Report Summary - SOLINMIX (Bright solitons and dynamics in Bose-Fermi mixtures)

This project resulted in the first observation of a pre-thermalised state in a non-equilibrium many-body quantum system, as described in the paper that was submitted by Gring et al., 2011. Pre-thermalisation was at the heart of the complex evolution of such systems on their pathway towards equilibrium. It was fundamental towards our understanding of how the laws of statistical mechanics came into play during the evolution of a non-equilibrium many-body system. This work was pursued in lieu of the realisation of a particularly good bosonic matter-wave interferometer.

In parallel, in view of the other goals of the project, Bose-Fermi solitons were theoretically investigated (refer to Parker et al., arXiv:1108.3453 2011), finding that p-wave interactions could be used to create extremely robust bright Bose-Fermi matter-wave solitons that were far more stable than their purely bosonic counterparts.