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Interacting two-component quantum gases in micro-magnetic traps


The proposed research aims to explore the many-body physics of the one-dimensional (1D) interacting spinor Bose gas and to study controlled state-dependent interactions between arrays of atoms on atom chips. Two unique atom chips are available for the project; an electromagnetic atom chip specifically designed for producing 1D Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) and a novel magnetic lattice atom chip based on a patterned FePt film. We will produce 87Rb BECs in two hyperfine spin states on the atom chips, providing experimental access to new and exotic quantum systems. The addition of radio frequency (rf) dressed-state potentials allows for state-dependent control of the atoms, dramatically increasing the versatility of our experiments. We will investigate the thermodynamics of the interacting 1D spinor Bose gas, which allows for a direct comparison with exactly solvable models in many-body physics. Atoms prepared in superpositions of hyperfine states on the chips will, for the first time, allow for studies of coherent spin excitations and transport in the 1D regime and of internal state coherence near the surface of a magnetic film atom chip. Finally, a state-dependent atomic shift register, the combination of the magnetic lattice and a time-dependent rf field can be used to introduce controlled collisional interactions between atoms in neighbouring sites; the basis for generating entanglement of neutral atoms on atom chips. This fellowship will constitute the next step in my career as a researcher and will provide a firm basis for independent research in the future. This work will contribute to strengthen European research and international collaborations in particular with the Australian region.

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