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Low energy physics from background independent quantum gravity


Quantum gravity is still one of the major open problems in fundamental physics. One of the best developed of the current approaches to quantum gravity is loop quantum gravity (LQG). The main open problem within LQG is to derive the low-energy approximation starting from the basic nonperturbative formalism. Aim of this project is to address such problem, and investigate the low energy limit of LQG. This is important for two reasons, which represent the long term objectives of this research: 1. To assess the viability of LQG as a quantization of general relativity by testing precisely if general relativity emerges in the semiclassical limit. 2. To develop a systematic way for computing quantum corrections in a language that could be directly compared with that of conventional quantum field theory. A technique for addressing this problem has been proposed recently, leading to some preliminary calculations of n-point functions, starting from the full background independent theory. I intend to develop and complete this technique, with the aim of deriving from LQG a consistent perturbative expansion for low energy physics around Minkowski spacetime. If successful, this project could represent an important test for LQG, and in the optimistic scenario, lead to a way of systematically computing quantum-gravitational physical effects from LQG. The project is of great importance for my own career and would allow a period of international mobility in Europe for pursuing my research within the group which is the most competent in this line of investigation.

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