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Electron spin resonance spectroscopy in strongly correlated materials


The study of strongly correlated materials dominated the second half of the last century. The not exhaustive list of such materials and phenomena - where strong correlation effects give rise to unique behaviour - include superconductors, Mott-Hubbard insul ators with magnetically ordered ground states, materials with density wave ground states, and materials with more exotic states such as the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid state. Understanding the fundamental phenomena behind strong correlation effects have moti vated numerous theoretical work, which has greatly affected the way many body quantum mechanical systems, and in particular condensed matters, are understood. On the applied side, this has contributed to a range of novel materials that has revolutionized t he today's world. The application of strongly correlated materials ranges from space research through electronics and military applications till medicine. Given the importance of the phenomena occuring for strongly correlated materials, further investigati on of such systems is highly desired. The emerging new materials that are desired to be investigated are carbon nanostructures, and novel superconductors such as MgB2 and organic superconductors. Here, the improvement of electron spin resonance instrumenta tion available at the host is proposed together with detailed study of these systems. The instrument will be dedicated to the research of these systems, however, it will also be offered part-time for other studies such as chemical systems and biological co mpounds. Thus, the proposal contributes to a wider area of research beyond its primary use. This is particularly important as the host is situated in a less developed region of the EU and it will also be beneficial for the reintegration of the applicant. T he applicant will combine the experimental method that he was originally mastering before the Marie-Curie EIF with the training activities that he has acquired during the fellowship.

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