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Single Spin Manipulation towards quantum computation


One of the schemes proposed to implement quantum computing relies on the properties of a single electron spin in a Quantum Dot (QD). Many experimental techniques have been proposed for the manipulation and the reading of the spin of electrons. Even so, reading a single electron spin remains a challenge. Recently the reading a single spin of a magnetic ion was demonstrated. The group of Prof. H. Marriette (CNRS-CEA Grenoble) proposed a unique structure: CdTe QDs containing a Manganese (Mn) ion. The structure was optimized so that there is a single Mn ion inside a QD. The detection of a single spin was achieved using micro – photoluminescence (micro-PL). In a neutral QD without a Mn ion the micro-PL spectrum has a characteristic line-shape. In a QD containing a single Mn ion, due to the exchange interaction between Mn and the photocreated hole, the shape of the micro-PL spectrum is changed making this an excellent tool for reading the spin of the single magnetic ion. In the first part of the project we will try to understand the fundamental properties of the system using advanced optical techniques in the high magnetic field. This knowledge is necessary to allow the application of the system as a building block of a future quantum processing device. In the second part of the project we will introduce the microwave radiation to manipulate the spin of a Mn ion. In the final part of the project microwave pulses and ultra-fast optics will be used to probe the spin dynamics which are crucial to implement quantum information processing. The applicant is a Polish scientist, with Ph.D from Warsaw University and 2 years post doctoral training in Weizmann Institute in Israel. She has started a post-doctoral training in Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory in October 2006. The Marie-Curie program would provide the training of the applicant in advanced optical methods for a future carrier development in the European research area.

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