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Development of IC devices based on carbon nanotubes and nanowires


Straightforward downscaling of the basic components of the electronics industry according to Moore's law will reach its end within the next 10-15 years. To continue towards the nanoscale, complex technological barriers will have to be overcome and eventual ly further downscaling will be prevented due to physical limitations associated with the small dimensions. This prospect stimulates research in new materials, in nanotechnology-based concepts and in the development of a disruptive technology.High-potential candidates for incorporation in the post CMOS nanoelectronics devices are carbon nanotubes (CNT) and nanowires. It is the goals of CANADEVICE to address the needs of future nanoelectronics by the design and development of a relevant device based on CNTs or nanowires. Contrary to the major part of the ongoing research, which focuses on improving the quality of the CNTs and nanowires themselves, we want to advance the research field by providing a useful device. It is our goal to develop a product which can be mass-fabricated.To achieve this goal, CANADEVICE will adopt a multidisciplinary approach based on (i) a study of existing and novel device architectures in order to select a promising device, (ii) simulation tools, processing facilities and characterization tools to develop a prototype of the device of our choice, and (iii) the implementation and testing of the device. The outcome of the project will have a large impact on the nanoelectronics field as it will assess whether CNT- and nanowire-based device technologies can form the disruptive industry. This high-quality project offers a valuable opportunity for the applicant to reintegrate in her home country. She will be able to give a unique contribution to the project through a combination of her electrical engineering background and the expertise she acquired in the third country on non-classical devices and associated experimental techniques.'

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