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Hybrid Quantum Systems - Integrating Atomic/Molecular and Solid Sate Quantum Systems


Quantum physics is fundamental for our understanding of nature, and consequently at the centre of the development of new methods and technologies. In recent years it became evident that quantum physics in itself can have fare reaching implications. A robust technological implementation of quantum physics has the potential to be one of the defining technologies of the 21st century. Presently quantum physics is confined to its separate worlds. For quantum physics to emerge from fundamental research, one of the main challenges is how to link different quantum systems to each other and preserve the quantum nature also over the link. One has to be able to quantum interconnect the different domains. A robust technological basis for this is currently not available. The objective of the present proposal is to bring together all the fantastic possibilities of QIPC with a cooper pair box and circuit CQED (transmon physics) with the physics to cool and trap and control atoms/molecules. All together will be integrated in a hybrid device by adapting the AtomChip concept to the environment of the Solid State QIPC. Our first approach will be to use the near field enhancement in high finesse strip line MW resonators of circuit CQED to couple single MW photons to collective excitations in the trapped atomic clouds, thereby establishing a quantum interconnect between solid state quantum device and an atomic ensemble acting as a quantum memory. Our research towards this ambitious goal will establish the scientific and technological foundations of a new class of instruments, a hybride quantum processor. By connecting the fast processing in a solid sate device to the exceptional long coherence times in an atomic/molecular system as a quantum memory will add essential features, presently missing in existing QIPC implementations.

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Joerg Schmiedmayer (Prof.)
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