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Magneto-optics of carbon nano-allotropes


The project aims at magneto-optical spectroscopy studies of carbon nano-allotropes: graphene, individual nano-tubes and graphene nano-ribbons. The main objective of the project is to explore the new fundamental phenomena by studying the structures which are among the most promising ones for development of future nano-technologies. Understanding the properties of these systems will certainly have the impact on the effectiveness of their applications. The project consists of three specific parts. The first one focuses on investigations of electron-phonon interaction and collective modes of electronic inter Landau level excitations in graphene flakes, using the methods of magneto-Raman scattering. These interactions are one of the central points of graphene, seen as unconventional two-dimensional electronic system. The second part aims at deeper understanding of the exciton structure and its excited states in single wall carbon nanotubes. Ensembles of nanotubes and furthermore individual objects will be studied using various magneto-spectroscopy techniques. To this end, the measurements of single photon-correlation are planned in order to identify correlations between different excited states characteristic of the carbon nanotube. The third part of the project, of exploratory character, is focused on searching for the evidence of the reduced dimensionality in the spectroscopy of artificially obtained graphene nanoribbons. The new structures will be first characterized using the micro-Raman spectroscopy (basic phonon mode of graphene is expected to be modified by the reduced size of the stripe), and eventually studied using other magneto-spectroscopy methods. These experiments may be used to verify the theoretical predictions concerning the properties of these, very much demanded systems.

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Jean-Xavier Boucherle (Dr.)
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€ 233 164,62