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Swiss Network of Mobility Centres


Switzerland enjoys high quality research, research infrastructures and competent researchers. Europe, on the other hand, is the first priority co-operation partner for Swiss researchers. The enlargement of the ERA-MORE network to Switzerland by implementing SNMC is therefore more than desirable. Commitment in the European Mobility Strategy is a must for Switzerland. The Swiss Network of Mobility Centres SNMC will have a considerable impact on the Swiss Research Area. It will adapt (the Swiss network for researchers that is part of ERA-MORE) to the recent objectives of ERA-MORE. SNMC will enlarge, by positioning more Swiss research institutions optimally in the mobility network of the European Research Area. SNMC will thus contribute to a more consistent level of ERA-MORE support services across Europe and create new links between SRA and ERA. It will help balancing the number of researchers finding their scientific destination in ERA. The Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities CRUS coordinates SNMC by addressing both, Swiss Higher Education institutions and industry, and proves ready to deal with future challenges to the universities. CRUS will manage the project SNMC and co-ordinate national structures. The CRUS back office will improve services provided to incoming, outgoing and returning researchers and their families, organise meetings and train Mobility Centre staff, create information and communication tools, revamp the national mobility portal, and do PR to raise awareness to the demands of mobile researchers. SNMC will lessen the drop out rate of researchers caused by mobility obstacles and support the probability of different kinds of researchers finding the workplace in which they can optimally develop their competence. It will contribute to the creation of an exciting and diverse ERA.

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